Zizzi: Truly Topped Brownie

Brownie Basics

Despite finding no brownies in actual Italy, I always find them at Italian restaurants, including this little number that I got in my takeaway dinner from Zizzi.

I assure you, there is a brownie under there.

Brownie Backstory

Last week working in Leicester, and sadly I’ve tried all the hotel brownies I can around here. This week I’m back in the Holiday Inn and seeing what sort of delicious brownies I can get from the nearby restaurants (mostly Deliveroo, as I’m far too lazy to go out and eat brownies on my own in said restaurants). I will level with you, as well; I 100% picked Zizzi for the brownie. But it does serve pretty good Italian food, as far as that goes in this country.

The description of this brownie is somewhat mouth-watering. Allow me to quote it in full: “Served warm & injected with gooey salted caramel, with giant white chocolate curls, rich hot chocolate sauce & whipped mascarpone cream.” I debated what to do with that sauce and cream (giggity) for photo purposes: as you can see, I’ve scooped it out of the plastic tubs in which it came and basically dumped it all over the brownie to really highlight the sheer decadence of this.

I’m also gonna do something I’ve never done before and add a second image to this post, because I just want to highlight how different this looks compared to the promotional image that Deliveroo shares for this brownie:

Now those are white chocolate curls! What I got was more akin to someone taking a really hefty grater and grating out some white chocolate for me. Not that this is a complaint. White chocolate good, chocolate sauce good, mascarpone cream good, etc. It just amuses me how different the two looked, even allowing for takeaway and transit compromises. I’m going to stop trying to find more things to say about this brownie, and I’m going to eat it instead.

Brownie Points

Taste: I’m very very impressed at how all the individual elements here are good on their own, and good together. In particular, I love the brownie (obviously the most important part) and I’m impressed that it avoids that slightly-over-rich feeling that salted caramel brownies often have. This doesn’t have that. It’s damn delicious! 9/10

Texture: You know what I said previously about how microwaving a mediocre brownie makes it seem a bit better? That’s not what’s happened here. The texture is really, really great and while it might be helped by the sauce, the toppings, and being warm through… fact remains that that is how the brownie came! I devoured it so quickly, I can’t remember the last time I had a brownie this good from a restaurant. 9/10

Presentation: Here it’s important to remember that presentation means more than just how it looks. So, some plus points for coming with the chocolate sauce and mascarpone cream, which were excellent additions. But some minuses for how tricky it was to eat with all those additions. Quite a lot of sauce and cream ended up on the box/sheets in the bin, sadly. Overall, 2/5

Value: Sadly, it’s delicious but small and pricey (£6.85 precisely from this Zizzi’s). I think because of how delicious it was, I’ll give it a reasonable value score, suggesting that I enjoyed it but feel I paid too much for how big it was: 6/10

Fudge Factor: Minor annoyances, but I was very pleasantly surprised by a delicious brownie that I didn’t see coming. What’s more, it was salted caramel, but delicious salted caramel! 4/5

Comprehension Score: 30

Should I Buy And Eat This Brownie?

Heck yeah, this was a sweet brownie. I’d suggest checking it out next time you get dessert at Zizzi’s. It might be even better if it hasn’t come in a bag on the back of some Deliveroo courier!

Closing Thought



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