The Black Lab: A Potentially Offensive Brownie Pun Is Being Avoided Here

Brownie Basics

While waiting on a bus on the way back from Hyde Park in Clapham this afternoon, I noticed this coffee shop that I haven’t seen before, and popped in to buy a quick brownie and coffee before the bus arrived.

It shares many aesthetic similarities with a brownie from a previous establishment named after a black animal.

Brownie Backstory

Guys! I ran a 10K today!

I know this is not, like, a crazy distance. After all, we’ve got a word in English for something which is extremely arduous and/or takes a long time, and that word comes from a long running race which is itself named after the site of a historic long run, and that word is emphatically not “10K” (it’s about four times that, actually).

But I never used to be able to run, really! Or more precisely… I was *able* to, nothing really stopped me. I was just kind of crap at it. Never the most athletic guy in the world, I play badminton and cycle and stuff like that but running eluded me. In third year at uni I threw myself into it and somewhat overused the treadmill, gave myself serious shin splints, and couldn’t walk properly for a while, let alone run. I think that that put me off for a long time. And then a couple of years ago I downloaded the Couch To 5K app – which I massively recommend, by the way. I had a couple of false starts and went through a little inconsistency with it, but by the end of last year I’d achieved my goal of running a non-stop 5K. I did a Parkrun or two, I tried to keep my running up, and at the end of the year I felt pretty good and decided not to let it rest there, so I made a New Year’s resolution to run a 10K this year.

I booked the Hyde Park 10K for 1st September this year, and I was doing pretty well on training, even managing to (basically) run 10 kilometres non-stop in one of my training runs. Then work stuff got in the way, and my training fell off, and on top of that I got a cold this week just gone, and all told I wasn’t very convinced that this run would go well.

But nevertheless, I gave it a shot. And I did it! I completed it! And I feel pretty great, and now I’m keen to do more!

And more to the point, I feel like this very definitely entitles me to a brownie. I don’t know how long this coffee shop has been here as I don’t go into Clapham for coffee/snacks that often, but I’m glad I did this time. The coffee was pretty damn good, and although they also had a bunch of peanut blondies on display, I thought I’d go for this ‘gluten-free caramel fudge brownie’. They looked really good on display, but I resisted eating it until I’d got home and plated it at least!

Brownie Points

Taste: Sweet, rich, caramel and fudge notes coming through nicely with the chocolate. 8/10

Texture: I think I’ve said before that adding caramel into a brownie seems like a good cheat to get a great brownie texture. It’s worked again here! But I will slightly mark it down for having a drier crust than I would like. 7/10

Presentation: I think this is a straightforward but great-looking brownie. 4/5

Value: I’ve sort of forgotten exactly how much this cost. I’m not very good at this whole thing, am I? I think it was about £2.80 and I think that’s pretty okay. 7/10

Fudge Factor: It has fudge in it. Also, it has non-salted caramel. Three points, based on my non-arbitrary scale of science. 3/5

Lee Scoresby: 29

Should I Buy And Eat This Brownie?

Yeah, for sure! Get yourself down to Clapham and visit this fine establishment, and eat a delicious brownie with your coffee.

Closing Thought

I’m not even moving out any time soon (there’s like two months to go) and it’s already seeming very tricky to extricate myself from a place where I’ve lived for four years.


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