200 Degrees Coffee Shop: This Brownie Keeps You Up All Night

Brownie Basics

Went for a lunch brownie today, and used it as an opportunity to try out another nice-looking coffee shop in Leicester, called 200 Degrees. They had two brownies on offer, and I picked this one, the ‘espresso caramel brownie’.

Check out that ooze towards the bottom of the brownie!

Brownie Backstory

Not a huge amount to say here, maybe just a few tidbits?

200 Degrees Coffee Shop seems to have a few branches widely spread around the country. Nine, according to their website.

Some of those branches are also barista schools. Interesting!

The website proclaims that in all their shops, “the Wi-Fi works.” …I guess that’s better than the alternative?

Since man cannot live on brownie alone, I also ate a half baguette with chicken, cheese, BBQ sauce, coriander, cucumber, mayonnaise and rocket. An interesting combination of ingredients. Also delicious.

There were two brownies available, and the standard “pick the more interesting-sounding one” didn’t work. Because, there was this one (‘espresso caramel brownie’) and another (‘super dark brownie’). Intriguing! What makes it super dark? I mean, granted, it was unexpectedly dark in colour, and I suppose it could have been full of dark chocolate. I don’t know and I didn’t find out, because this one looked and sounded more delicious and so on this occasion it won out.

The super dark brownie is vegan, apparently, so maybe I should have picked that one because these posts always get more likes when I tag them ‘vegan’ or ‘gluten-free’.

Brownie Points

Taste: Very sweet, in a good way. The coffee flavour comes through very strongly, not like the Nero espresso brownie. Good and rich too. I was a big fan overall. 8/10

Texture: Pleasingly thick, with the caramel obviously doing its job here. It’s a bit drier on the outside edges, but that’s barely noticeable. 8/10

Presentation: I really really like how it looks, with the colouring of the brownie, the haphazard white stripes on top (even if I’m not sure quite what they are) and the visible coffee grounds. 4/5

Value: This was £2.85, which is on the pricier side, and the brownie was small – so not great value. On the other hand, it was delicious, so not bad value either. 6/10

Fudge Factor: Espresso caramel? It just might be crazy enough to work! And, okay, it totally worked. Excellent brownie. 3/5

Brownie Total: 29

Should I Buy And Eat This Brownie?

I would strongly recommend getting this brownie if you’re ever in 200 Degrees. With any luck, at some point I’ll be able to recommend the super dark brownie (or not) too?

Closing Thought

I’m having a lovely time watching Boris Johnson and the rest of his anti-democratic right-wing cronies have a little meltdown on live TV.


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