What are SAQ?
I don’t really get asked questions about this blog very frequently, so, these are “Sometimes-Asked Questions”.

Who are you?
I’m a man who lives in London (the main one, in England) and who also likes to eat brownies sometimes.

What qualifies you to write on the Internet about brownies?
Not a lot, really. It boils down to “I have #opinions”, but these days that’s usually enough!
Fortunately, I don’t expect anyone to actually read my brownie blog and so I don’t worry about whether or not I have any particular claim to brownie fame.

What are your brownie preferences?
I hope I’m pretty open-minded for the most part, but when Lisa Simpson says “Cakey or fudgy?” I definitely lean towards “fudgy”, and I value soft, melty, moist brownies over both of those. Salted caramel, peanut butter, cheesecake, chocolate chips, these and a myriad other things are good additions.

What’s the best brownie you’ve ever eaten?
This is a tough question to answer, as I’ve eaten too many brownies and not paid enough attention to be sure. There’s a couple of restaurants I can think of (and won’t name here) that are probably up there. In the past, I would generally rave about the Costa Coffee chocolate brownie and say it was the best ‘mass-produced’ brownie you could buy in the UK…but then they changed their recipe.

What’s the worst brownie you’ve ever eaten?
I think this is a two-way tie between:

  • The protein brownie that my ex once got me as part of a “man bouquet” Valentine’s Day gift. The gift was lovely, but sadly the brownie tasted like a shit from a butt.
  • The Costa Coffee chocolate brownie, after Costa changed their recipe and ruined it forever.

Do you eat dessert other than brownies?
Yep, but that doesn’t really go with the theme of the blog.

You have a lot of #opinions about brownies: do you ever put your money where your mouth is by baking your own?
As it happens, I totally do. Not as often as I could, admittedly, but the power to bake brownies whenever I want needs to be used responsibly. Some day I may even blog about about the brownies I bake. I assure you that they will receive a score and the score will be unbiased and impartial in that case.

If this blog is about brownies, why do your #opinions about things other than brownies sometimes enter the picture?
It turns out it’s very hard to write without expressing #opinions of some sort. Rest assured that the #opinions in question are just that: #opinions. You’re completely free to ignore them if you want!