Waitrose II: If You Don’t Eat Your Meat

Brownie Basics

Saturday dinner for me turned out to be a successful raid on my nearby Waitrose’s reduced section, and seemed like a good opportunity for me to do a supermarket brownie review, which I haven’t done in a while. In fact, I’ve just gone and checked and it was this one, the Sainsbury’s brownie pudding. Huh. If I’d known that I might not have got Waitrose’s brownie pudding. Oh well!

I left this one in the packaging to take the photo.

Brownie Backstory

Huh, it turns out I put most of the relevant backstory in the intro section.

Okay, let’s talk a bit about the procedure of making this brownie pudding happen. I was originally going to eat it after I ate my Waitrose Lasagne Dinner For One, because I’m a cool and happening kind of guy, but then I accidentally ate a second Waitrose Lasagne Dinner For One instead and then followed it up by accidentally eating a bag of Kettle chips so decided that Saturday dinner was perhaps not the best time to eat a Waitrose Brownie Pudding For Five.

Come Sunday I decided to have it for… lunch? Ish? It was food I ate in the middle of the day? I’ve not had the healthiest of weekends, or the most structured, but sod it, you gotta do it sometimes.

In the interest of diversity, I decided to heat this pudding up in the oven rather than the microwave (the packaging assured me that this would give me ‘best results’), decided to photograph it before I dumped it all out of the packaging, and then decided to try to eat it in a more-or-less civilised fashion with a fork (this didn’t last long either). I did, at least, have a think about what I thought about it.

Brownie Points

Taste: Pretty nice, sweet and chocolatey. 7/10

Texture: The balance of sauce and brownie wasn’t all that, a little off somehow, and the top of the brownie (possibly as a result of the ovening) was overly crispy and crunchy, which detracted from the whole thing. And since the packaging literally told me to oven-heat it (I followed said instructions exactly) I feel justified in laying the blame for that at its door. 5/10

Presentation: It doesn’t look , but I shall reward it nonetheless for having a cardboard tray rather than throwaway plastic. In fact, the packaging was entirely plastic-free, which I applaud. 4/5

Value: Costs more than the Sainsbury’s brownie pudding, supposed to serve more but is clearly smaller, not as good but still quite edible… overall, 6/10

Fudge Factor: I think it might have been slightly tastier if it was microwaved. In the name of that optimism, I’ll give it a point. 1/5

Pudd It All Up: 23

Should I Buy And Eat This Brownie?

It’s okay, but I feel like these brownie puddings don’t really scratch the itch I get for brownies. I also feel like the Sainsbury’s one was better, and cheaper. Maybe get that one instead, if you want a brownie pudding.

Closing Thought

Just for the record, I’m gonna put it down (down, down, down)
Just for the record, I’m gonna change my life around.


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