Konditor III: It’s Peanut Butter Brownie Time

Brownie Basics

Konditor gets the honour of being the first brownie provider that I visit three times for the blog. Today I bought their peanut butter brownie.

I really like the ‘pools of peanut butter’ effect here.

Brownie Backstory

“Really? Konditor again so soon?” Well, brownie fans, I have a slight vested interest in doing this. I am moving onto a new project at work very soon and when I do, I will be spending Monday to Thursday in Leicester rather than London. This is an exciting time for my brownie experiences and I look forward to sampling a wide variety of brownies from all sorts of different places in Leicester! (Mostly hotels and takeaway restaurants to start with, I imagine, but still!)

The slight downside is that I’ve discovered all these great places for brownies around the London office, but my ability to take advantage of them is about to be massively curtailed. I’ll still be working in London on Fridays, but will likely devote that brownie time to the Southbank food market for many weeks yet. As a result I don’t feel that I can pass up any opportunities this week. Maybe Konditor will also become the first brownie supplier to receive four visits?

I went for the peanut butter brownie today, in part because I was intrigued how it has gone a totally different route to my last peanut butter brownie. Smooth over crunchy. It’s like a completely separate concept! Time to eat.

Brownie Points

Taste: Once again, I have no real complaints to make about the combination of chocolate and peanut butter. I do feel like it’s maybe a bit lacking on the chocolate front, though. 8/10

Texture: Interestingly, almost a let-down? It’s not bad. But it’s dense in the wrong way and feels like it needed more mixing: there were discrete lumps of molten chocolate, as well as of butter. It was entirely edible, but it wasn’t as good as I’ve come to expect from these guys. 7/10

Presentation: It looks good, and I like the peanut butter stripes. I basically chose this brownie today because it looked good. 4/5

Value: Konditor brownies all cost the same, and all get the same value score (so far): 8/10

Fudge Factor: I like Konditor, and I like this brownie, particularly how it proves that smooth peanut butter works in a brownie. But I was a bit disappointed by it! I had high expectations based on the other two Konditor brownies, and sad to say, this did not quite meet them. I can only really give it 2/5

Total Points: 29

Should I Buy And Eat This Brownie?

This is a good brownie! Konditor don’t seem to make bad brownies (knock on wood). If you’re going to Konditor and what you want is a peanut butter brownie, then you should have no reservations about buying this. However, if you just want a great brownie and don’t really care about the variety of brownie you get, I’d gently nudge you towards one of the other two that I’ve reviewed, as they were quite a bit better (in my #opinion).

Closing Thought

They do have brownies in Leicester, right?


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