Konditor II: Too Hot To Brownie

Brownie Basics

It’s another day of crazy hot summer in London, and another day with a pecan brownie. Will it measure up to the previous one? Let’s see!

My brownie blueeeeeee…

Brownie Backstory

This might be the most-deserved brownie I think I’ve had since I started this blog. So, I’ve been cycling to work for slightly over a month now, which is all good for the fitness and that, and today was no exception despite the mercury hitting 35 degrees. Because I am apparently a bit mad, I additionally took up an invitation from a colleague (who is also a brownie fan) to join the work ‘running club’ this afternoon and thus I knocked out an extremely hot and sweaty 5k around Central London. And then, of course, I had to cycle home. And now I am absolutely knackered.

I strongly felt I deserved a brownie to offset this hard work. Luckily, Konditor lies on my route home, and so I hopped off and hopped in to pick something up, banking on the fact that their cheesecake brownie was pretty great and so hopefully whatever I ended up with would be similarly tasty. I was all set to pick up the peanut butter brownie but went for a last-minute course change with this.

This is designated as Konditor’s “pecan caramel brownie”. These are both delicious ingredients for a brownie! The pecan clearly comes in smallish crumbled pieces rather than whole pecans, the caramel’s not visible so I’m assuming it’s folded into the brownie base, the brownie admirably survived a slightly bumpy ride home, and now that I’ve had dinner (just to make sure I won’t overrate it because of how hungry I feel) I shall eat it and rate it!

Brownie Points

Taste: Really, really good. Not sure if the caramel is very detectable through the general sweetness, but there’s clearly plenty of chocolate in it. Every bite was delicious. 9/10

Texture: Generally also great, the pecan bits go nicely with the brownie base, which is perfectly soft and basically exactly what a brownie should be. The only bad note is that the outside has become too dry and crumbly. 9/10

Presentation: It looks pretty good! It looks like a brownie that I want to eat. A little irregular on the sides, but I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt given the journey it had. 4/5

Value: Costs the same as the Curly Whirly, and I reckon it’s basically the same value as a result. 8/10

Fudge Factor: Mmm, delicious pecan brownie. Thank you Konditor for being on the way home and allowing me a post-run treat. 4/5

Final Score: 34

Should I Buy And Eat This Brownie?

At the moment Konditor’s brownies are maintaining a strong showing towards the top of the leaderboard, so at the moment I feel confident in saying you should definitely buy and eat a Konditor brownie, and which one you pick… I leave up to you!

Closing Thought



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