M&S Food: The Tub Of Brownieness

Brownie Basics

“Hey, you should try the M&S brownies! They’re the best!” – a friend of mine. So I did. Here’s a big tub of them.

Chocolate friends in a plastic tub.

Brownie Backstory

There’s not actually much backstory to this brownie choice. The top section says most of it.

Marks & Spencers has a whole bunch of these tubs of baked goods, and by-and-large I feel like they’re the best supermarket treats around. I’ve eaten a lot of them in my time. I would particularly recommend the chocolate mini rolls, which I used to think were just the best thing in the world. Then I discovered the chocolate-and-orange mini rolls. My previous job was in the financial heart of London and the least-posh lunch option was a nearby M&S: said workplace also had a tradition of bringing in treats to celebrate birthdays, promotions, anniversaries, Mondays, etc. and so a lot of these tubs ended up in the office being eaten, partly by me.

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had the brownies before, though. My feelings on the Sainsbury’s brownies are well known, of course, and the pictures on the side of the M&S tub suggest a similarly textured brownie. And why risk it when I always knew just how good the chocolate mini rolls were? To be honest, once upon a time I would have also always gone for the Sainsbury’s mini rolls. There’s a funny thing in that, though: I don’t know if everyone else experiences this, but I have had multiple situations in my life where I’ve been obsessed with a food item, eaten huge quantities of it over a period of time, and then suddenly gone off it and (more or less) never touched it again. This has happened with Sainsbury’s cookies, mini rolls, millionaire’s shortbreads, Galaxy cake bars, Hertz frankfurters, meat feast pizzas… to name some.

It’s always better, in the long run, to try new things rather than only stick to what you know and like. Otherwise how will you know if there’s things out there that you like more? The short-term possibility of enjoying a thing less than you could have, is outweighed by the longer-term gain in experience and knowledge. Also, I have a blog for brownies now, not chocolate mini rolls. So here’s what I thought about the M&S brownie bites.

Brownie Points

Taste: Yeah, these taste pretty good. Rich chocolate flavour, not too sweet. 7/10

Texture: These brownies haven’t dried out at all in the tub – or at least, they don’t seem to have. Similar to the Esquires brownie, they look like they could be cakey but when you actually eat them the whole melts together. It’s actually a really good texture! 8/10

Presentation: There’s nothing very special here. The ‘cylindrical’ plastic tub is better than the sort of cheap plastic box that other supermarkets put their brownies in, though? 3/5

Value: £2.60 a tub, or 2 for £4 (I can’t tell if that’s one of those permanent ‘offers’ or if I was lucky) and that seems like pretty great value, given that these are pretty tasty brownies and there’s a whole tub of them. 8/10

Fudge Factor: Trying new things and enjoying them more than you think is pretty cool. 1/5

Final Points: 27

Should I Buy And Eat This Brownie?

As the score implies, I was nearly as impressed with these as with the Thornton’s brownie bites. And variety is the spice of life, so if you’re looking for a good tub of brownie, try these out!

Closing Thought

I wish you could buy Oltermanni cheese in London more easily! It’s delicious!


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