Tesco: Up A Creek Without A Brownie

Brownie Basics

I’ve been meaning to do a post on these for a little while. Well, of course I have, they’re brownies. They’re Tesco brownie bites!

Lookit all dem brownies!

Brownie Backstory

Hello brownie fans! I do apologise for the radio silence over the last few days. I’ve had to travel for work this week, as happens a fair bit, and so have been ensconced in hotel life since Monday evening. “Oh excellent,” thought I, “hotel restaurant and room service, and delicious brownie desserts all round.” Well, dear readers, I was so wrong. I have somehow ended up in a hotel which doesn’t sell any brownies! No brownies in the restaurant, for lunch or dinner. No brownies on the room service menu. No brownies in the Costa in the hotel reception! Not even any free brownies with the coffee breaks!

The week’s going okay otherwise, and the rest of the food in the restaurant is pretty decent, but the hotel is a bit in the middle of nowhere and that makes it hard to bring you the brownie content that you crave. Tonight I’d finally had enough, and hopped on a bus to a nearby Tesco, which I judged to be the closest brownie provider. So here they are then, Tesco’s brownie bites tub.

I wandered around the TESCO SUPERSTORE for a while just to see if there was a different brownie option. Some slices? A cake bake? Something else entirely? In the end all I could find were this tub and the previously-reviewed Thorntons brownie bites. I suspect the latter are going to turn out to be better, but I’m determined to tread new ground and bring new reviews to you the people. So I ran a Tesco brownie bites tub through the self-service checkout, stuffed it in my Sainsbury’s carrier bag (#yolo) and got the bus back to the hotel to write a quick late-night brownie review.

Brownie Points

Taste: I still suspect that supermarket’s own baked goods tend to use their most basic (or value, in this case) chocolate and other ingredients. However, the taste of these brownies is pretty ok! 6/10

Texture: I’m kind of impressed with the texture actually. They’re nicely chewy, soft and delicate. There’s a few chocolate chips in each bite as well. 7/10

Presentation: Eh, nothing special. A bunch of small brownie squares in a plastic tub. 2/5

Value: There’s a lot of quantity here and at a reasonably low price. I could’ve had two tubs, which is 40 bites, for £3. The brownies aren’t mind-blowing, but I didn’t have any difficulty eating the whole tub in one evening. 7/10

Fudge Factor: I got nothing for you here! These brownies are pretty okay. No reason to add to or subtract from the score. 0/5

In Summation: 22

Should I Buy And Eat This Brownie?

You probably shouldn’t buy this whole tub to eat on your own. I know I just did it, but eating a whole tub of brownie bites is probably something that should be avoided as a rule. This tub would excel if bought as party snacks, or to store a long-term supply of treats. In any circumstance where you want to buy lots of brownie but have it shared among many people (whether those people are separated by time or space), I recommend this brownie.

Closing Thought

I still don’t get what value stream mapping is supposed to be.


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