Cranford Café & Sandwich Bar: It’s Brownie Up North

Brownie Basics

You know what’s ideal for perking you up after getting up at 7am just to sit in a car for two hours? Having a brownie breakfast.

The tablecloth was too distracting so I stuck this on a giant coaster.

Brownie Backstory

Following on from my last entry, I am now in the North, specifically in Knutsford for most of today. I also want to point out, lest I be accused of blogging a brownie while too hungry, that I did actually have some ‘real’ breakfast this morning: however, at about half past 10 we were sent out to do a coffee run, there were brownies on sale in the place we went to, other people wanted cakes, I wasn’t buying… It would have been foolish to say no.

Cranford Café & Sandwich Bar appears to have existed for 15 years at least and is presumably something of a local establishment: I wouldn’t know for sure, having not ever lived in Knutsford. It was quite nice inside, a good example of that type of sandwich shop that for some reason I always associate with English seaside towns. The division between the café and the sandwich bar was not fully clear to me: it seems that by getting a takeaway I might have automatically been patronising the sandwich bar, but then we only ordered coffee and cake which says “café” to me? I’m splitting the difference on the place’s name but will put this in the ‘sandwich shop brownie’ category.

Brownie Points

Taste: Pretty good chocolate taste, hints of a sweeter caramel running through it, working nicely together. 8/10

Texture: It is on the cakey side but soft, not dry, and the caramel on top goes a long way towards making it closer to a great brownie texture. 7/10

Presentation: Nothing special to look at really, in fact it looks sort of rubbish if we’re honest: I think they’ve concentrated on taste over looks. 1/5

Value: We failed to work out how much the brownies actually cost because we bought them as part of a large coffee and cake order. It must have been in the region of £2.60 though, which is decent value. 7/10

Fudge Factor: I’m not going to add much on for the brownie, but do want to note that the sandwiches at the cafe looked nice and they were friendly enough. 1/5

Total Points: 24

Should I Buy And Eat This Brownie?

Ehhh, it’s pretty good yeah. I’d give a pretty confident thumbs-up to recommending this sandwich bar in general, and the brownie in particular.

Closing Thought

Today I learned that rosemary is apparently the ‘herb of remembrance’. So yeah!


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