Brickwood: A Land Brownie Under

Brownie Basics

At this rate my blog should be called “South London Brownie Points”, but nonetheless, today I had a delicious lunch and coffees at Brickwood and added in a chocolate brownie.

Actual shadows on the white plate this time.

Brownie Backstory

Brickwood is Australian-themed, or maybe inspired? I only realised this properly when I went to Sydney recently and found all the similarities between Brickwood and basically every coffee place in Sydney. These similarities mostly boil down to saying ‘long black’ instead of ‘Americano’ and having a somewhat unique definition for scrambled eggs, but Brickwood is also the only place in this hemisphere that I’ve encounted things like ‘Tim Tams’ and ‘Cherry Ripe’ which appear to be classic Australian treats.

Brickwood’s been my go-to Sunday morning coffee place for a long time. A friend and I will semi-regularly meet up to play badminton, after which we retire to Brickwood for coffee and ‘brunch’ (breakfast, really, given how early we go). I really like their coffee and their food is pretty great as well! Good enough that I went there for my last birthday (delicious full English breakfast, mmmm) (sidenote: did you know a full Australian breakfast is the same as a full English?)

Anyway, as coffee shops are wont to do, they do sell chocolate brownies, and I ate one of those as well today.

Brownie Points

Taste: This has a good chocolate taste and is not too sweet. 7/10

Texture: I found this texture interesting! As you know, I think a brownie should have a moist fudgey texture. I’d be happy if the whole brownie were like this (that’s how you get a 10/10 in my eyes) but the realities of baking brownies mean that there’s often a slight crust on the exterior and that’s understandable, sometimes even preferable. This brownie had a seriously thick crust but the brownie inside was basically ideal! And the fact that there was a clear divide between the crust and the rest of the brownie means that this was clearly on purpose, not an overbaking or a drying-out problem. I think it could have been better without the crust, but still I liked it in general. 7/10

Presentation: I really like how it looks, and it has an interesting set of swirls on the top. 4/5

Value: At £3.50, a little pricey, but overall it’s decent value. 6/10

Fudge Factor: Brickwood is a great place, with great coffee and great food, and happily the brownie also fits into that quite neatly. 3/5

Final Score: 27

Should I Buy And Eat This Brownie?

Brickwood is actually, in my opinion, better known for its banana bread when it comes to sweet cakes. You should try it if you’re ever there! But yeah, the brownie is pretty dang good as well so go ahead and get that if you want.

Closing Thought

Ba ba ba ba, ba ba ba baaa ba baaa badadadada dadadada daaaaa.


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